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It is always a good idea to combine your loans. The first rule is to compare loan offers first before making any decisions. The goal here is to get one of the most affordable loans to pay off your expensive loans. When you apply for a loan through our service, we will compete for the […]

The auto loans offered by the best specialized institutes – Car Loans

If you will find numerous car loan offers made available by the best-specialized institutes, both banks, and financial companies: make a free loan quote and find the best car loan for you both quickly and easily and for new car purchases (or motorcycles, campers, boats) and for the purchase of used cars. And thanks to […]

Reduce your loan interest and monthly installments by combining loans!

How much can loan consolidation reduce monthly installments and costs? This is what many will certainly be considering when planning a loan consolidation. We did some calculations on how big a difference a single loan can make instead of many smaller ones, and how it makes your financial management easier. When you pay off several […]

Best Home Loan? Apply Online

Applying for the best home loan will not be easy. In Hungary today, you can take out this type of loan with about 30 commercial banks, and in addition, you will find several schemes per bank, so you have to compare a lot of data.   Find the best home loan You should first look […]

Home loan application season has started!

Nearly two-thirds of them are used to buying a second-hand home, while around 30% of those who claim to buy or buy a new home would receive support. According to a statement from the Savings Bank, in the first quarter of 2016, three times as many mortgages were disbursed, and by mid-April, the savings companies […]

How Much Do You Know About Credit?

We have almost reached the end of our publications on financial education, as you will remember, we have been in charge of doing a thorough investigation of this great topic for a few weeks, and today is the penultimate installment, in which we will talk about “Credit”, a word with which most are familiar. Let […]